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Tamala Edwards' Personal Story Commemorating Juneteenth

Niki Hawkins, 6abc News - June 21st, 2021

"She interviews her cousin Jason Edwards, Chairman of the non-profit 'Juneteenth USA', to discuss his father's legacy, the passage of this federal holiday, and the work that still needs to be done around equality for all."


EBONY Remembers the Late Texas Rep. Al Edwards—the Father of Juneteenth—on His Birthday

Savannah Taylor - Ebony Magazine I March 19, 2022

"Prior to its passage as a national holiday, Juneteenth was celebrated by 14 states. However, many are unaware of the impassioned soul who led the catalyst of the historic day to to be recognized nationwide..."

Q&A: Edwards happy to be called father of Juneteenth

David Ellison - Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle I June 18, 2006

"Q: When you first introduced the bill, did you get some resistance from fellow lawmakers?

A: Oh, did I ever. First of all, remember this is Texas, and that was in '79. That wasn't too long from the time that the civil rights bill was signed..."


The Honorable Albert Edwards

The History Makers 

"...Though deeply involved with local issues, Edwards remained active in many issues outside the Texas State Legislature. In 1983, Edwards was appointed as a member of the board of Operation PUSH..."


Congresswoman Maxine Waters

”He was a highly effective and important member of the Texas legislature who created and chaired the Texas Black Legislative Caucus and served as Chair of the Democratic National Committee Black Caucus. Al and I served on the DNC together, we both endorsed, supported and worked for Jesse Jackson for President. We both worked to get Nelson Mandela released from prison and fought against apartheid in South Africa. Al Edwards stood firmly in the face of staunch opposition and wielded his influence to ensure that the abolition of slavery in the United States and the emancipation of our ancestors was properly recognized as a paid holiday in the state of Texas as a result he is recognized throughout the state and across the country as the indisputable father of the Juneteenth holiday.”

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