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At Juneteenth USA we are committed to advancing the legacy left behind by our Founder.  Juneteenth USA was laser focused on the legislative strategy to move Juneteenth from a Texas cultural norm to a state holiday to a national holiday.  Through it's 37 years of work hosting events, raising awareness, and executing a thoughtful political strategy through our founders' work.


My Father would often say that “One day this is going to be a national holiday!”   He turned out to be right again and directed us to pick his work up and advance the holiday in a different manner since it was a state holiday in over 45 states at his passing.  We defined a few pain points together:



  1. A gap in awareness and adoption between state legislative actions and adoption by all Americans.

  2. The need for corporate America to do its part to support the holiday.

  3. The lack of resources available to local nonprofit founders, artists, activists, leaders, and promoters to create culturally relevant activities to not only entertain but impact and improve underserved communities.



We identified Juneteenth's Collective strengths that differentiate us: 

  1. Extensive knowledge of putting on Juneteenth events uninterrupted for 35+ years with the Juneteenth Tennis Tournament, Juneteenth Gospel Festival, and Juneteenth City Wide Pic Nics at George R. Brown Convention Center. 

  2. Our Founder's national political network that is still very supportive of their friend “The Father of Juneteenth ''.  This will help us connect with local leaders to identify those who need the resources we gather.

  3. Dedicated leadership motivated by a Father’s legacy:  Credibility, skillset, Board Governance, business skills, and over 100 years of Juneteenth “volunteering” as kids (more like "volun-told" smile) to support Corporate America embracing and lifting up this holiday in the right way that will be embraced by the Black Community and not become an unfortunate meme on social media.  



Raise funds from supportive partners that are interested in educating and lifting up underserved communities across the country.  We have used the traditional regions of the United States as our focus areas for growth.  (Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, and Western US)

Over the next 5 years with the support and guidance of our growing board and extensive national network of our father’s corporate and political advisors we will reinvest donor dollars in the above areas with the ultimate goal of transitioning the 1985 trail-blazing version of Juneteenth USA to an effective national nonprofit offering a turn-key solution for donors to make one donation and fund dozens of projects in all regions of the country.  



 Develop in the following areas consistently with measured goals.

  • Human Resources

    • Executive Director, Corporate Development, and Project Evaluation

  • Governance and Board Development

    • Thoughtfully grown board and advisory board.  Our current board has extensive governance, development and finance committee experience

  • Fundraising & Donors

    • Attract a mix of individual and corporate donors who believe in our mission to support the holiday's growth and underserved communities that have a direct tie to the legacy of Juneteenth.  

  • Projects Funded - 50 projects funded across the country in 5 years.

  • Scholarships - 1 million dollars of individual scholarships awarded or funded in 5 years.

Thank you for joining us on this journey! 


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